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Directors Corner


It is the policy of Fred's Club to try and make sure that all scores entered into the Bridgemates are correct.  It is the responsibility of each player to make sure their scores are correct.  Results are posted online immediately after each game and should be checked by each player for accuracy.  Any errors should be reported to the Director of the game within 24 hours and a correction will be made, after both pairs agree.  This should be taken seriously as an error can affect the number of points or rank that a player achieves. 



When you are to make the opening lead, put your card face down on the table and ask if there are any questions.  At this time, your parnter AND/OR the declarer may ask questions abou the auction. Your partner is not allowed to make any statement, nor ask a question until your lead card is face down on the table.



This area is often confusing for players.

1.  What is an "established" revoke?

A revoke becomes "established" when either the revoker OR revoker's partner has PLAYED to the NEXT trick.  Until then is is not established, and can be corrected at that time.   Once the revoke is "established," play continues to the end of the deal.  It is at that time that the director applies the ACBL rectification laws.

2.  What about a revoke on the 12th trick?

There is no rectification for a revoke on the 12th trick.  The revoker simply switches cards, and subsequent players AFTER the revoker are allowed to change their play.